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Who You Are

Seeking counseling support is a brave step to take, and I applaud you for prioritizing your needs and mental wellness. If you are seeking counseling services at Ocean Soul Counseling, LLC, you may be struggling to manage a variety of different issues. While you are able to function well and be successful in most areas of your life, emotionally you may notice that things feel off. It’s harder to experience happiness and receive joy.  Anxiety may seem to sneak its way into school, home, work, or social situations. What made you happy or excited in the past may not seem as interesting anymore. Anger and frustration have become all too familiar. Motivation is at a low, just like energy. The negative self-talk can feel suffocating at times. 

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Our mental health is impacted by many different factors. Environmental, social, and biological elements can all lead to a variety of mental health challenges.  You are not alone. I am an experienced clinician, effective in supporting people in their paths towards wellness. I incorporate evidence based practices with proven results. At Ocean Soul Counseling, LLC, you will be supported. You will be respected, validated, affirmed, and heard. My role as a clinician is not to pretend to be an expert about your life. Rather, my commitment is to support you on your journey to wellness by providing individually tailored counseling services that will help you meet your goals. 

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